Martin Cerny

Martin Cerny

Studies machinery at the Vienna Technical University with main emphasis on vehicle drives, material science and bio-mechanics. Since beginning of 2016 certified quality manager according to the Six-Sigma-System. 

Supports besides the studies, since September 2015, the general IP administration, especially with respect to patents.

Ing. Roland Hell

Ing. Roland Hell

Engineer, graduate of a Technical  College for Food Technology, works  since July 2012 in the central office administration and is especially  responsible for domestic as well as foreign Patent and utility model  applications.

sabine portrait

Sabine Schaubmayr

After graduation from a secondary grammar school in Vienna study of jazz-piano with diploma. Besides working as musician employee in several business sectors. Since July 2017 paralegal, dominantly responsible for validations of European patents in Austria as well as for transfer recordals of any IP rights.

Radmila Maksimovic

Radmila Maksimovic

graduated librarian from Zagreb, takes care since June 2009 of order and welfare in the office.

Rudolf Perl

Rudolf Perl

graduate of a Gymnasium and Bachelor of sociology (including statistics), joined in 1988 the former office of Barger-Krick. He is now responsible for the validation of European patents and the administration, including annuity payments, of all patents and utility models granted in Austria.

kev portrait

Kevser Boyacioglu

graduate of a Commercial College, member of the central office administration and dominantly responsible for patent and utility model applications, searches as well as for foreign annuity payments.

lili portrait

Ljiljana Ristic

graduate of a Business College in Vienna, works since 2001 in the central administration as pan-coordinator and is especially responsible for domestic and foreign patent, utility model and design applications.

marija portrait

Marija Mijailovic

Trained bureau clerk, supports since October 2012 the administration and accountant’s agenda, especially with regard to foreign annuity payments, performs any official deliveries and is responsible for a friendly reception, personally as well as by phone.

kati portrait


graduate of an Industrial College, had initially worked in a saving bank sector, joined in 1995 the former office of Hamburger and is responsible for accountancy.

dani portrait

Daniela Tschabuschnig

graduate of a Business College, is since 2001 member of the trademark department and responsible for domestic, foreign, regional as well as international trademarks, including dispute and extra-dispute proceedings.

michelle portrait

Michelle Koch

After graduation from a business college bachelor study of “Health Management”. During the study several secretary and practical works. Since August 2017 paralegal for administration of domestic and foreign IP rights, especially designs.